Welcome to Taxpayer Services

The Taxpayer Services Division (TSD) is continuously looking towards the future for the betterment of all Marylanders. Our goal is to make sure that every taxpayer who contact us, whether in person, by phone or through correspondence has an outstanding customer experience. Our Division continues to grow with our employees and through the education programs we provide. We provide assistance to taxpayers and tax preparers who contact our division regarding all taxes, fees and permits administered by the Comptroller's Office. Some of the taxes included are Income, Withholding, Sales and Use, Admission & Amusement, Corporate, Estate, Alcohol, Tobacco, Motor Fuel etc.

We are dedicated to delivering a respectful, responsive and results oriented customer experience. To provide complete and informative assistance to all Maryland taxpayers through various communication avenues.

Taxpayers can schedule in-person or virtual appointments easily by visiting our Locations page. Taxpayer assistance is also available via email taxhelp@marylandtaxes.gov or by calling 1-800-MDTAXES. Our agents are standing by to help you. The Comptroller of Maryland branch offices offer services that do not require a scheduled appointment. (See list below.) ALL OTHER SERVICES REQUIRE A SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT.

  • We provide blank Maryland state tax forms and/or tax booklets.
  • We answer general tax questions.
  • We accept completed Maryland tax returns and/or requested documents.
  • We provide additional IFTA decals to carriers in good standing and new carriers whose applications have been approved.
  • We provide certified copies of previously filed Maryland tax returns for individuals with identification.

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