Revenue Administration Division

Mission Statement

The Revenue Administration Division is committed to administering the provisions of the Maryland tax laws in an effective and efficient manner, while maintaining the integrity of the tax collection system and treating all taxpayers with respect and understanding.


The Revenue Administration Division will be recognized as the national model for exceptional tax administration. Business units are aligned to support efficient tax processing; staff are appropriately assigned to ensure efficient ongoing operations; and career and training plans are in place to ensure continuity of operations throughout future staff and technology changes.

Our Job

The Revenue Administration Division is responsible for the "front end" process. In other words we are responsible for receiving and processing the tax returns and payments for the taxes administered by the Comptroller of Maryland. These include personal, corporate, fiduciary, pass-through entity, employer withholding, sales and use, motor fuel, alcohol, tobacco, estate, admissions and amusement, tire fee, Bay Restoration Fee and inheritance taxes.

Details on the total gross revenue collected and accounted for from all of the taxes listed above can be found in the revenue reports. The Comptroller's Office is the single largest state agency to account for General Funds going to the State budget.

The local income taxes which all residents of Maryland pay, are collected by the Revenue Administration Division and distributed to the 23 counties, Baltimore City, and 168 incorporated cities and towns throughout the year. Revenue distribution reports can be found here.

Robert R. Scheerer, Director

Andrea Brown, Deputy Director

Gina Wiklund, Deputy Director

Michael Stanton, Assistant Director

Our Organization

Organizational Chart