FY 2024 Strategic Goals

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Dear Marylanders,

I continue to be inspired by the dedication that members of the Office of the Comptroller bring to work every day. Now six months into the role of Comptroller of Maryland, I have had the opportunity to meet with our agency leaders and hundreds of staff members across the state to learn about their work, celebrate their achievements, and discuss the challenges that our agency faces today.

For the last few months, our Executive Leadership Team, including our Chief of Staff, Deputy Comptrollers, and Division Directors, have been working with their teams to create their plans for the upcoming fiscal year. They have examined our existing practices, thoughtfully reviewed previous goals and accomplishments, and identified new ways to improve their operations on behalf of Maryland taxpayers. I met individually with each of our divisional leaders and charged them with developing strategic goals that consider both the challenges identified in the Transition Report, as well as the new opportunities presented by additional funding for our technology and other critical needs, thanks to the Maryland General Assembly and Governor Moore’s administration.

The setting of Strategic Priorities is the culmination of months of hard work across the agency – from our leadership to our unit managers and their staff. Informed by our divisional goals, it starts with an articulation of our vision for the agency: to work in partnership to create a state that is more equitable, more resilient, and more prosperous so that every Marylander can reach their full potential. This vision is broken down into three overarching agency priorities:

  1. Implement critical agency-wide Improvements to help our state government work better.
  2. Reimagine how the resources and expertise of the office can make a positive impact on Maryland families, communities, and businesses.
  3. Ensure Maryland is well-positioned for responsible long-term economic growth and success.

I am committed to improving transparency and accountability within the Office of the Comptroller and with the public that we have the privilege to serve, while also ensuring we are using data to drive decision-making. Sharing our goals publicly offers an opportunity for our agency to ensure Marylanders know what we are working on and to hold us accountable for achieving these goals.

Marylanders deserve an Office of the Comptroller that searches for ways to collaborate to serve them better – and I am committed to doing just that. Only by working together can we ensure every Maryland community can reach its full potential. These strategic goals are emblematic of how our agency will operate moving forward – and I’m excited to get going. Together, I know that we will build a better Maryland.

My best,

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Brooke E. Lierman