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Individual Tax Tips

The following links are based on our traditional series of brochures offering helpful tax filing tips for working couples, senior citizens, military families, people who recently moved into Maryland and other special groups of taxpayers.

General Tips

Tax Tip 30 - A Brief Look at Maryland Taxes

Unclaimed Property Tips

Tip 19 - Reporting Unclaimed Property

Tip 32 - We Have Millions in Unclaimed Funds

"I missed the filing deadline."
If you have the information ready to file your return, you can file your tax return online for free - using iFile for individual income taxes or bFile for sales and use tax and withholding tax returns. If you need assistance, call us at one of the numbers listed below under Contact Information.

"I haven't filed returns for one or more reporting periods."
You should file the missing returns right away before we contact you. Once we begin our investigation of a case involving multiple returns that haven't been filed, we may have to assess fraud penalties or refer your case to the Attorney General's Office for criminal prosecution. File online using iFile for individual income taxes or bFile for business taxes. You should file all of the missing returns at the same time so that we can offset overpayments against the underpayments and develop a true picture of the total liability. Also, out of statute income tax refunds can be applied to offset simultaneously filed balance-due income tax returns. If you need assistance, please call us at one of the numbers listed below under Contact Information.

"I haven't filed because I don't have the money to pay."
File your return anyway to avoid the actions mentioned above. You can set up an income tax payment plan online. You can also pay by credit card. To make other payment arrangements, please contact us using the Contact Information link below.

"I live in another state but have Maryland income to report." You may need to file a non-resident return. Learn more about your residency and filing status to find the appropriate forms, and if you need help, contact us.

"I'm conducting a business in Maryland, making sales in Maryland and have employees in Maryland - but I haven't filed any returns."
You can register your business online or download the registration application and file it to register for any of the taxes we administer. You can also file past-due returns using bFile.

"I have to make estimated tax payments."
If you are self-employed or do not have Maryland income taxes withheld by an employer, you can make quarterly estimated tax payments as part of a pay-as-you-go plan. You can make estimated payments using iFile or by filing Form PV.

"I was charged interest for underpayment of estimated tax."
If you believe that you are not liable for interest for underpayment of estimated tax, please complete Form 502UP with your tax return.