Comptroller of Maryland Bid Board

Title IFB/RFP# Pre-Bid Conference or Walk-Through Date(if one): Bid or Proposal Due Date:

Click on the link, select Open Bids and refer to the IFB or RFP for further details regarding the above solicitation. Please check back later if there is no solicitation.

For procurement opportunities with other agencies or entities, please visit eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA), the State of Marylandís electronic commerce system.

Responsive and Responsible

"Responsive" relates to the tangible documents submitted to the state as the date/time of bid submission.

  • A non-ambiguous bid that includes all required submissions and clearly outlines your intent to meet all deliverables on time and at a specified price
  • Confirm acceptance of all contract provisions as described in the IFB
  • Certain minor irregularities may be cured; major ones usually are fatal
  • Only applies to competitive bidding process

"Responsible" relates to the bidder's technical capability to deliver the product/service as required; reliability and integrity are also factors.

  • State can use any available information to determine responsibility
  • Past experience, references, samples, financial capability, etc. typically used
  • Decision can be made up until, and even after the time of contract execution
  • Applies to both bidding and "best value" procurements