Corporate Purchasing Card Program

Maryland's State Government Corporate Purchasing Card (CPC) was implemented in 1997.  A Corporate Purchasing Card is similar to a consumer credit card except there are no fees or interest costs to the state.  The State contracts with a bank to provide card services.  The CPC is used by authorized agency personnel to provide small dollar purchases of $5,000 and under.  The CPC program involves millions of transactions and over $250 million in expenditures each fiscal year using approximately 7,000 cards.  The Comptroller of Maryland's General Accounting Division (GAD) is responsible for administrating the statewide program.  GAD provides oversight for the control of the program and coordinates a program to monitor and report fraud, waste, and abuse.  The review program involves: the Office of Legislative Audits 1-877-FRAUD11 (1-877-372-8311) or, the agency Purchasing Card Program Administrator, the agency audit staff, and the monthly reviews conducted by the CPC staff of GAD.

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Corporate Purchasing Card Manual 11/25/2019

Contact Information and Vendor Definitions 09/2020

Exhibit A - Cardholder Agreement Form 7/1/2014
Exhibit A(1) - Cardholder/Travel Agreement Form 7/1/2014
Exhibit B - Cardholder Information Form 7/1/2014
Exhibit B(1) - Travel Account Information Form 7/1/2014
Exhibit B(2) - New Application Cardholder Information Form 7/1/2014
Exhibit C - Cardholder Information Maintenance Form 7/1/2014
Exhibit D - Cardholder Statement of Disputed Item Form 7/1/2014
Exhibit E - Cardholder Activity Log 4/7/2020
Exhibit F - Account Code Number Set Up Guidelines 7/1/2014
Exhibit G - Posting and Payment Distribution Process 7/1/2014
Exhibit H - Reviewer Agreement 7/1/2014
Exhibit H1 - Reviewer Agreement (Travel) 7/1/2014
Exhibit I - PCPA Agreement 09/27/2019
Exhibit J - Monthly Certification Form 10/1/2014
Exhibit K - Detailed Transaction Report Level 3 Data 7/1/2014
Exhibit L - Card Surcharge Fees 7/20/2018

Merchant Category Code (MCC) block list (Mar 19)

Level 3 report in Access - Detailed Transaction Report with Level 3 data from USbank AccessOnline should be run each month and compared to the information provided by the cardholder on the Cardholder Log, Monthly Bank Statement, and Receipt.

CPC Enhanced Reporting January 2015 3/12/2015

Who controls the CPC program for the state?

The Agency Program Administrator controls the agency input data. The General Accounting Division administers the CPC program centrally.

What is the Single Purchase Limit of the current program?

The Single Purchase Limit is $5,000.

What is the 22-digit number used for?

The 22-digit number is used to distribute charges to the agencies throughout the state and consists of:

Field Name Financial Agency Code PCA Object Flag
(C or A)
Object Code Agency Use Code Default PCA
Length 3 A/N 5A/N 1A 4N 6 A/N 3 A/N

How is the information submitted to the State?

A Statement Billing File is transmitted to the State via Connect Direct, at the end of the cycle period.

What is the Cycle period?

The Cycle period is from the 26th of the current month to the 25th of the following month. If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, then it is the previous business day.

Why is the current bill cycle used?

To insure charges are transferred into the State's Accounting System within the accounting month.

When is the payment due?

The current bill is due 15 days after the end of the monthly cycle.

How is the bill paid?

The General Accounting Division pays the bill monthly for all agencies. The agencies do not pay from the Monthly Cardholder Statements.

What software is used to run reports?

Currently we are using  U.S. Bank Access Online software, which is used by the Agency Program Administrators to monitor cardholder activity.