Federal Tax Code, Regulations, and Guidance

The federal Internal Revenue Code, Treasury (Tax) Regulations, and other official guidance from the Internal Revenue Service can be found here: https://www.irs.gov/privacy-disclosure/tax-code-regulations-and-official-guidance .

Generally, Maryland law conforms to changes to federal income tax laws, unless either of the following decoupling actions occurs:

  • If the Maryland legislature enacts new tax legislation that does not follow an amendment to the Internal Revenue Code, then decoupling will occur. The Maryland General Assembly meets every year for 90 days, from mid-January through mid-April (not including special sessions).
  • If the Comptroller of Maryland determines that the impact of an amendment to the Internal Revenue Code on Maryland income tax revenue for the fiscal year that begins during the calendar year in which the amendment is enacted, or any prior year, will be greater than $5 million, then decoupling will automatically occur for that taxable year.