Cigarette Wholesaler Alternate Price Calculator 250

Enter List Price, Trade and Cash Discounts:

   Manufacturer's List Price per 1,000 Cigarettes $ Fill in invoice price before discounts
   Standard Anticipatory Trade Discount   %   Fill in any standard discount % amount received (e.g. 2% or 3.25%)
   Additional EFT/Cash Discount   %   Fill in any permitted additional discount % amount received (e.g. 1.25% or .75%)
   Cost of Doing Business Markup   %   Use minimum (default) markup % or fill in any markup greater than the current minimum. (e.g. 0.42% or 5%)

$ $ %

Wholesaler to Retailer Alternate Price per Carton of 250 Cigarettes

   1. Wholesaler's Cost per Carton $
   2. Plus Cost of Doing Business Markup   %
   3. Alternate Wholesaler to Retailer Price $
   Wholesaler to wholesaler minimum price per carton of 250 is carton price (Line 1) plus lesser of 1% or current minimum approved markup.

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