Vendor Payments

Currently, the state has many bill-paying offices to whom a vendor will invoice for goods and services. These offices are the "BILL TO" offices listed on the agencies requisition.

If your business provided goods or services to the state of Maryland and you have not received payment or have questions about the payment, use our One Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry to check the status of your payment. Once you have registered, all you need to do is enter your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and select "unpaid." If you need additional information please contact the state agency to which the goods or services were provided. The contact information is printed on your purchase order, check remittance stub, or included in the electronic disbursement information.

One Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry

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Vendor Contacts

Vendor Payments
Email: Payment Inquiries
Phone: 410-260-7813

State Information, tax debt withholding or state liability offset notices
Phone: 410-767-1642

Federal Information, Form 1099 returns, Federal Offset of Payments
Phone: 410-260-7350

Online One Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry System (OSVPI)
General and EFT Registration
Phone: 410-260-7813
Fax: 410-974-3979