Contact the Field Enforcement Bureau

Jeffrey A. Kelly Director 410-260-7104
Jennifer Brezler Office Administrator 410-260-7391
Karyle Fogan Assistant to the Director 410-260-7649
Vacant Deputy Director
Chuck Ulm Assistant Director 410-260-7272
Cole Dowden Tax Consultant 410-260-7494
Ketan Vithlani - Manager Motor Fuel Testing Laboratory 410-799-7999
Van Howeth
- Agent in Charge
Adminstrative Services Section 410-260-7469
Mark Baton Property Control Manager 410-260-6005
Andrew Waters Investigator/Auditor 410-260-6245
Joe Hatcher
- Division Admin.
Admin. & Spec. Projects Unit 410-260-7133
Vacant - Inspector Admin. & Spec. Projects Unit
Nate Essey - Section Manager Regulatory and Licensing 410-260-7498
Vacant - Unit Manager Regulatory and Licensing
Lou Berman Investigator/Auditor 410-260-7392
David Golinski Assistant Investigator 410-260-7839
Bill George Agent in Charge 410-260-6013
Bill Collier Supervisor 410-260-7490
Pierre Pyle Supervisor 410-260-7716
Mike Madison Supervisor 410-260-7389
Patrick Dunkes Inspector in Charge 410-260-6247
Kevin Burley Supervising Inspector 410-260-7388
Alan Southworth Supervising Inspector 410-260-7388
Lisa Henneman Chief License Inspector 410-260-6241
Aivy Tsin Deputy Chief License Inspector 410-260-6242
Von Montano License Inspector 410-260-6244
Sandy Davis License Inspector 410-260-6246
Evelyn Sauter License Inspector 410-260-6243