MVA and Professional License Holds

MVA Holds

State law requires that individuals and businesses that have unpaid, undisputed state tax liabilities and/or unpaid unemployment insurance contributions satisfy the debt(s) prior to renewing a Maryland driver's license or vehicle registration.

To make payment arrangements in order to release an MVA hold please contact us. Please include your name, address, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and the last four digits of your Social Security Number, notice number and your phone number in your e-mail message. This will help us generate a quick response to your inquiry to let you know the initial down payment you need to make to release your MVA hold and begin your repayment plan.

Business and Professional License Holds

The state and local agencies listed below must verify that an applicant renewing a license has paid all states taxes due - or made a satisfactory payment arrangement - before the license can be renewed:

If you hold a license issued by one of these agencies, you should file any necessary tax returns and pay all taxes due without delay. If you wait until license renewal time to resolve a tax liability, your renewal may be delayed.

Once the tax issue has been resolved, the Comptroller's Office will notify the appropriate agency.

You may contact us for additional information.

Business Income Taxes

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