Alcohol Tax Forms

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Consolidation and Updating of Alcohol Forms Notice


Form Description
364 Wine and Liquor Bond
365-1 Beer Bond
365-2 Beer Bond Non-Resident or Resident Dealer
366 Wine Bond
379 Direct Wine Shipper Bond



Form Description
367 Application for Manufacturer's and Wholesaler's Licenses
367-1 Application for Change in License Location
367-2 Application for an Additional License Location
367-3 Occupation Record and Financial Statement of Individual License Applicant
369 Application for Class E, F, or G License
369-1 Application for Class C Special License
371 Application for a Statewide Caterer's License
371-2 Statewide Caterer's License Catered Event Certificate and Notice


Form Description
335-1 Checklist for Manufacturer and Wholesaler*
  Checklist for Water Vessel*
  Checklist for Statewide Caterer*
  Checklist for Direct Wine Shipper*
  Checklist for Nonresident Winery*
  Checklist for Nonresident Distillery*
326* Checklist for Resident Dealer or Nonresident Dealer: Wine and Distilled Spirits*
327* Checklist for Resident Dealer or Nonresident Dealer: Beer*
348 Checklist for Beer Nonresident Brewery Permit


Form Description
General Permit Application
329 Application for Bulk Transfer Permit
354 Retail Off-Site Permit Application
355 Non-Profit Festival Permit Application
370-5 Solicitor's Permit Application
381 Direct Wine Shipper's Permit Application
383 Common Carrier Permit Application for Direct Wine Shipment
384 Application for an Off-Site Permit
385 Application for a Brewery Special Event Permit
386 Intent to Participate in an Off-Site Event Form
753 Alcohol Awareness Permit Application
010-1 Order for Additional Vehicle Identification Cards
10-6 Application for Fuel-Alcohol Permit
10-7 Application for National Family Beer and/or Wine Exhibition Permit 
10-9 Charity Wine Auction Permit Application
20-3A Application for a Private Bulk Sale Permit

Tax Returns and Reports


Form Description
330 Beer Franchise Form
324 Resident/Nonresident Dealer Beer Tax Return
376 Brewery Tax Return
389 Claim for Refund of Tax on Beer Delivered and Consumed on Federal Reservations
24 Nonresident Winery, Distillery and Brewery Tax Return
24-1 Monthly Report of Deliveries to Maryland Retailers
30 Schedule of Beer Acquisitions/Dispositions
037 Wholesaler's Monthly Beer Report
037-2 Recapitulation of Beer Deliveries in Gallons To Retailers By Political Subdivision
40 Request For Maryland Release of Foreign Beer
751 Keg Registration Booklet Order Form


Form Description
315 Direct Wine Shipper Return
315-1 Direct Wine Shipper Return
363 Common Carrier Direct Wine Shipment Report

Beer and Wine

Form Description
532 Family Beer and Wine Facility Permit Report*
532-1 Family Beer and Wine Facility Detail Report*
532-2 National Family Beer and/or Wine Exhibition Return*
533-1 Charity Wine Auction Permit Holder Return*

Wine and Distilled Spirits

Form Description
34 Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Distilled Spirits and Wine
34-1 Report of Wine and Distilled Spirits Activity
34-5 Recapitulation of Wine & Distilled Spirits Deliveries in Gallons to Retailers by Political Subdivision
34-10 Report of Wine and Distilled Spirits Samples

Beer, Wine and Distilled Spirits

Form Description
317 Monthly Return of Alcoholic Beverage Sales in Maryland by Railroads Steamboats and Airplanes Operating Within the Boundaries or Waters of the State of Maryland


Form Description
022 Report of Production of Alcohol for Fuel Use

Public Storage

Form Description
27 Alcoholic Beverages Public Storage Report
27-1 Storage Report of Beer, Wine, and Distilled Spirits


Form Description
ATT-001-1 Claim for Refund
19 Monthly Report of Retail License Activity
19-3 Monthly Report of Violations/Suspensions/Revocations
66 Annual License and Revenue Report
304 Schedule of Planned Promotional Activities
301 Wine and Distilled Spirits Wholesaler "Brand Supplier" Report