Property Lien

Are You Inquiring About A Property Lien?

When you fail to pay past due tax liabilities, a lien may be filed.  A lien may affect your ability to maintain existing credit, secure new credit, or obtain a security clearance. The recorded lien serves as notice that the state may have a claim against your assets and is public record.  Once the liability on the lien is paid in full, we will provide a release to the court and a copy to you so that anyone inquiring on the status of your lien will know that it has been satisfied.

To pay off your tax lien:

  1. Contact our office to receive a current payoff amount.  This can be done by emailing or calling 410-974-2432.
  2. You will be instructed to make payment via a certified check or money order if you desire an immediate release.  Otherwise, we will have to confirm the payment has cleared before issuing the release.
  3. If you cannot pay the lien amount in full, we will provide you with payment plan and potential settlement options.
  4. If you have already paid off a lien and it has not been recorded at the court, you may contact our office to obtain a copy of the release.