Comptroller Franchot Announces Beat the Bay Bridge Blues Policy for Agency Employees

Flexible and compressed schedules, telecommuting and incentive to carpool offered to Shore commuters

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (October 2, 2019) -

Several days into a multi-year rehabilitation project on the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial (Bay) Bridge that has already caused massive delays for Eastern Shore commuters, Comptroller Peter Franchot has announced a comprehensive new strategy - Beat the Bay Bridge Blues.

The voluntary program, effective October 7, offers Eastern Shore residents who work in Annapolis or Baltimore several options to more efficiently travel to and from their jobs. They include allowing affected employees, where applicable, to:

  • Flexible Scheduling. Employees can work five days a week, with staggered start times. This will allow some employees to start earlier or later in the workday, thereby avoiding most of the major rush hour delays in crossing the Bay Bridge;
  • Compressed Scheduling. Employees can work four, 10-hour days Monday through Thursday, with Friday off each week. The goal of this option is to reduce the number of vehicles on the Bay Bridge during the Friday commute;
  • Remote Work Location. Provide the opportunity, when available and appropriate, to allow some employees to work remotely at the agency’s Call Center or Branch office located in Salisbury; and,
  • Carpooling. Employees who carpool with at least four agency colleagues per vehicle for ten days will be awarded four hours of administrative leave.

“What happened last Friday within a 15-mile radius of the Bay Bridge is not acceptable and could have been avoided if there had been proper planning and communication in advance of this major multi-year project,” said Comptroller Franchot, following a discussion on the Bay Bridge project at the Board of Public Works meeting today. “For the sake of safety, health and workplace productivity, we are pleased to reduce the number of vehicles on the road while offering several attractive commuting options to our dedicated employees.”

These commuter relief options will continue throughout the duration of the bridge construction project.

“I hope other major employers follow our example to give their staff options to avoid what could be a long-term headache,” added Comptroller Franchot. “Furthermore, I hope MDOT immediately implements alternative options for those who rely upon the Bay Bridge. Our families, first responders and local businesses cannot afford the economic and human toll of catastrophic gridlock, nor should they.”

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