2014 Sales and Use Tax Forms

RAD097 Sales and Use License Application for Out-of- State Vendors Form used to apply for registration of out-of-state businesses to collect Maryland sales and use tax.
ST205 Sales and Use Tax Refund Application Form used by consumers to request a refund of Maryland sales and use tax that has been improperly paid to a merchant, or collected and subsequently refunded to the merchant.
ST206 Exemption Certification for Utilities or Fuel Used in Production Activities Form used to claim a Maryland sales and use tax exemption for utility or fuel used in production activities.
SUT202FR Sales and Use Tax Final Return Form Form used by business owners who have sold or discontinued their business. To be mailed with the final Sales and Use Tax return. Mail separately if filed electronically.
ST118A Consumer Use Tax Return For Out-Of-State Purchases Form used by consumers to report and pay the use tax on taxable tangible goods that were purchased tax free out of state and are used in Maryland and subject to Maryland's 6% sales and use tax.