Cigarette Wholesaler Minimum Price Calculator HelpClose

Cigarette wholesalers are strongly encouraged to use this automatic minimum price calculator to calculate their minimum selling price. The cost of doing business percent and the tax rate are automatically included in this calculator.Wholesalers may use the top section of the calculator to incorporate other legitimate discounts into their calculation.

The first box in the top section should contain the manufacturer to wholesaler invoice price per 1000 cigarettes before any discounts.

The second box in the top section should contain any standard anticipatory trade discount that you received, (e.g. 2% or 3.25%). If you did not receive a standard anticipatory trade, leave this box blank.

The third box in the top section should contain any other permitted discount that you received for paying electronically or within a limited number of days. If you did not receive any additional discount, leave this box blank.

After filling in the top section of the calculator, click on the "Calculate" button. If you make any changes to the numbers in the top section, you must click on the "Calculate" button again to recalculate.

If you want to clear the numbers in the calculator to begin a new calculation, click on the "Reset" button.

It is highly recommended that wholesalers using this calculator print out a copy of their completed calculation, which could later be used as evidence to prove a selling cost consistent with the Cigarette Sales Below Cost Act statute and regulation. To print a copy of your calculation, click on the "Print Page" button at the bottom of the calculator screen. (If the "Print Page" button does not function, please use your browser's print function.)

As variables change, remember to recalculate the minimum cost and print a copy for your records.